Yesternight of Shawwal – A poem by Zarafshan Shiraz

When the winds are whistling slow
Tunes of merry because Ramzaan is on the go
Prayers so high and spirits so low
After all, the month of mercy had almost made you a pro!

The hangover of Layltul Qadr is still in the air
And the dawn is still milky after leaving of angels so fair.
The divine Decree is written for all to individually bear
And the humdrum of the pre-noon finally picks up the Eid affair.

Old curtains are brought down, new bright ones put in place
Stocks of siwaiyyan are bought and henna cones purchased.
At the strike of the magrib azaan, the ladder against the wall is raised
The crescent moon is sighted, to Allah be all praise!

The stars climb up the night sky
And in the frenzy that flies high
The folded prayer mat and Quran in a corner sigh
Wondering when next will someone before it happily cry.

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