About Us:

ImaanCentral Network is a team of diverse and dedicated young Muslims who take both faith and purposeful networking very seriously. It has been more than four years to ImaanCentral Network (ICN) serving the community in the areas of economic & social welfare along with education. We remain ever grateful to Allah for being able to organise two major public events in Jamia Nagar for the local community raising awareness regarding Shab-e-Qadr and touching important and unique themes like the place of “Love in Islam”.

As part of our annual project we have been using various online and offline platforms to distribute the community Zakat amongst its less privileged members and to raise the Muslim consciousness regarding Shab-e-Qadr which remains less popular in our community till today despite having an extremely significant position in Islam.

But Muslim education requires more commitment, and we are glad to share the news of ICN Academy for the same cause! We have realized that Muslims have been victims of mediocrity and poor thinking since colonialism even though the Islamic tradition is full of inspiration when it comes to thinking flawlessly even in the wake of political and economic instability. The only way we can appreciate our thousand years old scholarship for improving our thinking is by engaging with the works of our past scholars who experienced times that were way more challenging than ours.

Introducing ICN Academy

Muslims face a number of challenges today such as:

  • being highly ideological;
  • being mediocre in most of their affairs;
  • being affected a lot by popular controversies;
  • having too many groups that are less like parts of the ummah and more like cults within the ummah;
  • an entire generation that lacks the intellectual and practical tools for understanding Islam & the world and whose learning utterly depends on the social media.

To improve our condition we must invest in solving our problems while acknowledging the fact that these challenges are not new! ICN Academy seeks to revive the Muslim culture of learning from the past to apply to the present.

Through the academy we will learn how the Muslims have always contributed to human or universal ideas and knowledge to solve real world problems just as we commonly know about the Western Enlightenment thinkers!

To bridge this gap between our past and our present we plan to introduce short and long-term programs for Muslims that have an impact on our community’s well-being.

Our Mission

To create opportunities that are:

  • fundamental to improve thinking among Muslims.
  • challenge the inherent mediocrity.
  • research oriented.
  • aimed at collaboration within the community for worthy causes.

Our Vision

To revive the culture of research among Muslims and rise above mediocrity.

Community First Sustainable Approach:

Creating a profit first model deprives communities from long term benefits in the area of competency albeit keeping a certain section of it in short term material gains.

That’s why we have created a community first approach where the community will be expected to invest in their own growth if it ever wants to be strong both in this world and the next. Through this model the nominal fee that we are going to charge for our programs will turn into funds for creating a range of fellowships in social and economic areas as well as education through which we plan to give back to the community “individuals” who:

  • Are skilled and equipped with the intellectual tools required to engage with the Islamic tradition;
  • Understand the root causes of our issues as insiders (empathetic) and not outsiders (judgmental);
  • Are competent researchers and thinkers who apply their knowledge to be part of the solution rather than create more problems by being hopelessly ideological;
  • Think as members of a large ummah and not as members of a cult within the ummah.

Our Projects:

  1. Seminars on Pressing Issues
  2. Online and Offline Course – Coming Soon
  3. Scholarships and Fellowships for enhancing communities

Live Project

Seminar: “Know Your Books” by Arsh Islam

Contact Us:

For Queries, drop a message to us on WhatsApp: 7503724669 or email us at [email protected]

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