Important Guidelines for Visiting of Graves

On my visit to Battle field and
Mount of Uhud I realized that the great companions like Hazrat Hamza (May Allah be pleased with him) who is also known as “Master of Martrys” or “Sayyid Al Shuda are burried here. Yet their graves are as ordinary as a common men graves. Unlike back in our country india, where graves of pious people are decorated with beautiful flowers and good colourful embroidery sheets and people praying on the graves. Indeed it is a lesson for those who are indulged in this act of innovation or ignorant. It is really an eye opener for those who pray on such graves by taking the names of dead that when the graves of our great and beloved companions are not to be prayed upon then how can one pray over the grave of any pious man or ask anything on his name from Allah. Can other pious man be as high in Status of Imaan and Taqwa then our companions that they can fulfill our needs and demands by asking from Allah in their names. Then how can their reference to Allah will help in granting us our needs. We are allowed to visit graveyards only for reasons like-
a) It reminds one of death and afterlife, and makes him draw a lesson from it for his afterlife. (Muslim, Janaiz, 108; Tirmidhi, Janaiz, 59; Ibn Majah, Janaiz 47-48; Ahmad b. Hanbal, Musnad, I, 145).
b) It directs one to asceticism and taqwa (God-Consciousness). It prevents over-ambitiousness for worldly life and committing harams. It directs one to commit good deeds. (Ibn Majah, Janaiz, 47).
May Allah help us in proper understanding of prophet’s teachings and to imply it in our lives.

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