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In the year 2013 much before we started this portal we ventured in to helping the Muslim Community. We pooled in some resources among ourselves and surveyed the slums of Okhla to see How could it be of Help to the people living there. It was a period of Dengue outbreak and Mosquitoes were a big problem since the area is located near the Yamuna River. So we purchased mosquito nets and distributed it among them. Alhamdulillah, It was an amazing sense of achievement as well as a reality check that motivated us to give back something to the society with the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala.

So we launched a website we planned and hoped to get on board some Young Enthusiastic Muslims and create a Network of volunateers who would contribute, collect funds from their localities, Identify people who need help and then work together to help the person stand on his feet. So that he does not depend upon people to help him or is not forced into begging.

The initiative failed due to poor response from the youth and we learned quite a few things from it.

  1. We lacked “the trust factor” as we were just a group of young students and were not backed by any established organisation.
  2. The Muslim Youth is not motivated enough to give back to the society.
  3. We lost patience and started giving up when not many people signed up for the program. (We were novice and we accept it)

With an experience of failure and a self motivating sense of achievement we experienced first, we are now finally ready with a new Plan that we think is going to work this time in Sha Allah. We will be launching the Project in the first week of June in sha Allah in association with Masjid Al Firdaus in the Shaheen Bagh Area of New Delhi. And will expand to more areas soon in sha Allah. If you are interested in staying upto date and/or wish to be a part of the early program fill up the form below.
Here is what the program looks like right now :

1. Members keep a box at their home and deposit any sadaqah, that they take out, in this box instead of giving it to beggars who are mostly professionals and earn handsomely. We are not looking for donation, we only want to make use of the regular sadaqah that you give out to beggars for a just cause.

2. Once every two weeks members take the box and submit whatever money has been collected to nearest participating masjid even if the amount be just ₹10. Sign beside your name and fill in the amount you submit.

3. Our volunteers will get in touch with you if you are not able to deposit the money for some reason with masjid and take the money from you and get your signature.

4. Meanwhile we will look out for prospective candidates we can help. In the begining we are going to focus on underprivileged children for their educational expenses of getting proper formal education. And also those elderly people who have no means to live by and have been abandoned by their children and due to old age they can’t afford to work.

5. Once a substantial amount is collected we will prepare a budget select as many people as the budget permits and fulfill their needs.

6. Once this takes momentum we are pretty sure, that by the mercy and will of Allah we will be able to make an impact with the money you and I give out as sadaqah but goes waste.

Let us fulfill our responsibility of taking care of society. Just by spending money we don’t fulfill our full responsibility, it is our duty to make sure the money we give as sadaqah for the sake of our well being etc is getting used in the right cause and is reaching the deserving people.

Keeping that in mind we will make sure of complete transparency in our work and this space will be updated with every detail one requires in sha Allah.

To become a volunteer or a member please fill up the form below.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

May Allah accept this humble effort in serving his people and give barakah in the house of those who become a part of this project.

Do Remember the team of ImaanCentral in your Du’aa,

M. Nauman Khalid

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