Brothers! Fuel up the “Love” Tank!

LOVE is a reaction to an action . Love needs to be developed by practice.

Love is not Liking. There is a lot of difference between Like and Love. That is why they are two separate words. I like you doesn’t mean that I Love you. For LOVE one have to destroy his/her ego.

Similarly, being in-love and real love are totally different things. Real love comes after in-love syndrome takes its full course through the relationship.

When you love somebody, then you cherish their presence, you respect them, enjoy and trust them, spend time with them and want to know them better. This is the stage which is everlasting and that is the actual love that starts after the in-love syndrome, if the couple works on it. After the in-love syndrome is over the husband and wife will either start really loving each other or make their married life a boring one.

There is a simple analogy every couple should remember:

Relationship is a Car. Driven by the Man. And in the passenger’s seat is the wife. Men focus too much on the road and want to reach the destination which makes them less focused on the fuel tank. The fuel which keeps the car running is “LOVE”. This fuel has to be refilled regularly. But Men usually wait till the meter goes really down.

6 Practical Ways for Husbands to Fuel up the Tank!

1. Say “I Love You” more often.
2. Giving gifts to your wife every now and then.
3. Helping your wife in house chores or with the kids.
4. Spending “Quality Time” with wife, e.g. going out for dinner, or going out for a picnic, etc.
5. More “physical touch” i.e. kissing, hugging, tickling, playing around, etc. It even includes sexual touch, but don’t restrict “physical touch” to sexual touch only!
6. Appreciating your wife more often, i.e. regarding her looks, how good she cooks, how well she takes care of kids or you, etc.

So all these acts would help in “fueling up the LOVE TANK” insha Allah!

Brothers, these 6 points are practical points, not something theoretical. You can start acting on them from today!

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Irfan Ullah Khan

(Happy Muslim Family)


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