Which religion should I choose?

Hey you! Yes, you! dear reader! Have you ever thought that why do we have so many religions- why are some people Hindus or Muslims, Christians or Buddhists? And who decides this for them?

I’m a Muslim because I was born in a Muslim household but what if I wanted to be someone else?

What if I didn’t want any religion?

All  religions say that they have the truth. But who can decide what actually is the truth?

What if I follow one religion for the entire life thinking that it’s the right religion and when I die I realize that my religion wasn’t the way to salvation!

Hey! wait a second!

Who knows what’s going to happen when one dies?

Ehe! This is too much! I don’t want to think anymore! Why don’t I just become an atheist! Yeah problem solved, isn’t it?

Well, No!  just because I’m in no mood to search for the truth,  I cannot escape to atheism. No, I must hunt for the truth.

The Religion dilemma is getting complicated! Let’s begin our search for the truth!

Everything began with a big bang, the great explosion–Stars, Planets, trees, rivers, bees and butterflies and so on. Everything made by an explosion. But explosions are nothing but uncontrolled energy, and nothing good and constructive comes out of that ever. It doesn’t make sense that everything got fixed in such an orderly manner by itself after an EXPLOSION. Still I don’t know if there is a God or something but now I do know that there must be someone/something who controlled that energy and created the sky and the earth. Who makes the caterpillars turn into butterflies, who turns the blood into milk that we drink, who gives the power to small weak seed which tears the earth apart and becomes a tree, what causes it to yield the fruits? Science behind these can be understood, but is it all going on without any purpose, without any control?


Well, the question is genuine but how can I attribute this to God, I’m not that gullible!

And who am I? I am a human, began from a drop of sperm, those biochemical reactions, in my mother’s womb, can explain theoretically my evolution from a sperm to bones and flesh but what about the soul (or call it something which differentiates us from animals)?

How I got that soul, which defines me!

Now I know there is someone who has control over all things. Let’s call him, God.

But if he is really there why doesn’t he instruct us directly, how can I know what he wants from me?

Wait! People claim to have books which, they say, are from God : the Vedas, the Torah, the Holy Bible, the Qur’an. So these are somehow manuals for the human beings from God. If these books are from the same one true God whom I know, then, they have to be same or say only one book is needed, isn’t it?

After analyzing the books I found, polytheism and idol worshipping is forbidden even in vedas.( But then why do the Hindus do so?) And there is no single verse in the bible which says Jesus (peace be upon him) is God or son of God. (But then why do the Christians claim so?)The Qur’an says there are number of prophets who were sent to different people at different times. They taught mankind the message of one true God. God also sent books to people. But as time passed by, people got deviated and tampered their books according to their desires. And that is why; the same vedas differentiate people in upper class or lower class on the basis of the family in which they are born! Really? can this be from God?  This can’t be from God. How can God be so unjust?

And Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was given the Injeel. Do you really think the modern bible which has so many scientific errors, is from God? How can it be? If He is God, then he must know the science behind these phenomena after all he is the creator of this cosmos. The truth is,that these books may have some words of God in themselves but it is now mingled with the word of humans also. How can one know which part is the word of God and which is not? The answer is simple!

No one can!

And that’s why God sent different books from time to time, so that people can follow the righteous path without getting deviated.

However, the Qur’an, as Muslims claim, is still unchanged, which one has to agree because any copy of Qur’an can be compared with the very first copy of Qur’an which is reserved in the Topkapi museum, Istanbul, Turkey. The Quran confirms the truth which is mentioned in the previous scriptures and it contains the scientific facts which were unknown at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), therefore it must be the word of God.

Moreover, Along with the vedas and the bible, the Quran also mentions only ONE true God.


So, for now I know there is one God and he is not a man or son of a man. The sun, moon, stars, dogs, snakes, monkeys or stones are just the creation of God. They are NOT God and in order to teach humanity, God sent Prophets and gave them Books.

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jonah, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, are the prophets along with many more. They taught the same message of one true God to the humanity.

God gave the books as guidance for  humanity. But people deviated, corrupted their books and changed the message according to their desires, so all the previous scriptures may be the word of God but for now they are tampered with and can’t be trusted except the Qur’an which is still as same as it was at the time of its revelation.

The book of God gives a life style which is simple and practical. The base line is belief in one God, doing good deeds and staying away from the evil ones. For salvation you don’t have to go to the forests or to the mountains but the way salvation is to live here in the human society, strive hard for the good things, help people and make them smile.


Finally, now I know what the truth is!

One True God, The messengers, the Books and whatever the book says.

This is the truth which I conclude through logic, reason and intellect. Now I have just one religion to follow.

But wait a second!

Is there any religion out there which confirms all this?

Yes,ISLAM it is!


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