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In our busy lives we barely have much time to think or plan what to do next for Islam. It is highly understandable and yet as Muslims we must give it some time from our busy schedule. Islam is not a chore that a housewife has to do or a business contract for a businessman. It is a lifestyle, a way of life. It is NOT a phase that lasts for one period of a person’s life. We usually forget to keep an eye on our Iman status, and that’s ok too. We just need reminders for it. This idea was actually given by a group of sisters and since I used it and found it effective, I thought that I should share it so that others may benefit from it.

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The idea behind this is very simple; Make a group on Whatsapp that deals solely in Islamic knowledge.

Now Islam is such a large subject from Fiqh, Aqeedah, Ahadith to Tafseer, Tajweed, Recitation. So keep the group into just one topic. Here are a few examples:

Daily reminders: The group will have daily reminders for fasting on Mondays and Tuesdays, weekly reminders for reading Surah Kahf on Fridays, reminders of the important fasting days of Ramadan and Shawwal, about 9th, 10th of Muharram and so on.
Knowledge: This group is for general knowledge of Islam, or maybe any knowledge driven from the Ahadith, Qur’anic verses and the fatwas derived from it.
Recitation: This one is my personal favorite. Make a group which solely deals with the recitation of the Qur’an. Participants of the group read two pages of the Qur’an every day along with the translation. Tafseer is optional (since not many have the time for it).
Dawah: Experiences on Dawah and advice to approach Muslims and non-Muslims alike and answering tricky questions and so on with references from where it was taken (checking the source is true of course).
There may be more ideas. Discover what suits you and the community you live in.

The biggest problem that one can face in Whatsapp is the constant notifications. I personally am not a fan of the regulars ‘ding’ whenever someone writes into a group. But that has now been amended. If you into the settings of Whatsapp, you can now turn off the sound for any specific group. Then look into the group whenever you are free. I like this option, since it is too troublesome to hear the cell phone going off every now and then.

To be an admin of a group means laying down some golden rules for an easy running. These are a few rules that can start you off. Modify them as you please. 🙂

All information on the group should be given with reference of the Qur’an and Sunnah only. Not any other type of media is allowed.
All brothers/sisters are allowed only to be post one or twice a day, and not more.
Kindly stick to the subject of the group (e.g. If it is a tafseer group, then questions on Fiqh should be avoided, or if it is a Recitation group, then other things should be avoided.)
Idle chitchat and such is not allowed on the group. It is solely for studying our beloved deen.
Controversial speech, questions and so on is not allowed. All posts must be beneficial.
All phone numbers of brothers/sisters are ‘amanah’ (a trust given to you). Hence, their privacy should be preserved.
This is just a rough layout of the rules that can be elaborated or modified. My personal advice is to try it out, it can be very useful. If you are a stay-at-home mom wishing to take part in the Ummah’s mainstream, this is a perfect place to start. I know a sister who has six or seven groups running on her Whatsapp. She is an active admin, and keeps an eye on things to see they are going well.

NOTE: The admin is NOT a promoter of Whatsapp. The admin is not paid in any form to be promote the app. I saw this idea being used by multiple Muslims across countries to stay connected and I decided to share it.

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Update :

Due to Popular Demand. We have created a WhatsApp Broadcast List Where We Share Inspiring Post everyday.

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